Monday, June 11, 2012

How to remove active directory in windows server 2008 core
Hi guys today my topic is how to remove Active Directory in windows server 2008 core edition  step by step .

step 1 :In this step we will examine the demotion switches available for the DCPROMO Command and we will demote a server core DC. procedure:
step2: Logon your core machine 
step3: Type this command:-
          C:\>dcpromo /?:demotion
step4: This result is redirect to text file 
            C:\>dcpromo /?:demotion > demotion.txt
step5: then showing this file through this command it will be open in notepad file
step6: demote the AD :
           C:\>dcpromo /AdministratorPassword:ashu@123


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