Friday, June 15, 2012

How to configure setting of server core by 1 command:-

One of the first tasks an administrator must do after building a Windows Server Core machine is set the network address and configure the machine name and domain membership.  There are command line tools for all of those individual features but Microsoft included a useful command called sconfig that allows you to quickly configure basic server settings.
Simply type in sconfig on the command prompt and follow the on screen instructions:

Using Server Configuration you will be able to:
·                                 Configure machine name.
·                                 Join a domain or set workgroup name.
·                                 Configure local administrator accounts. 
·                                 Configure Remove Management settings. 
·                                 Enable Automatic Windows Update.
·                                 Manually install Windows Updates.
·                                 Enable/Disable Remote Desktop.
·                                 Configure Network Settings such as IP address and DNS servers.
·                                 Set the date and time. 
Logoff, restart and shutdown the server

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